‘Good game art makes you want to spend time in that world.’

Marlies Barends is a versatile Board Game Artist & Illustrator with: 
-   Dedication for efficiency and speed to meet production deadlines. 
-   Nearly 10 years of (videogame) industry experience, with three shipped AA-titles including bestseller and winner of 3 Dutch Game Awards ‘Reus’. 
-   Technical insight: loves working close to programmers, and taking care of close integration with the codebase or (in-house) toolset. 
Give her the creative vision of your game, and she will be your art force. 

Creating art for games is a balance between telling the story of the developers and letting the player tell theirs. Good game art inspires creativity, and makes the player believe in the world that they created. A world that can be interactive and surprising. A world that feels alive and playful. Marlies specializes in a colorful, friendly and welcoming style for your players to enjoy.
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